Due to the bespoke nature of our training services, there are many factors in the overall price of training including location, gear required, and instructor staff required.  Please see the general instruction service fee schedule below as a reference and contact us with more details about your training needs so we can give you an accurate quote for training that fits your needs perfectly.

NAVY SEAL Private Training Hourly Rate for Individuals and small groups


Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

1 participant = 150/hr 

2 participants=$200/hr 

3 participants=$250/hr 

4 participants=$300/hr 

5 participants=$350/hr 

Weekends (Sat-Sun)

1 participant = 175/hr 

2 participants=$225/hr 

3 participants=$275/hr 

4 participants=$325/hr 

5 participants=$375/hr 

4 Hours Minimum

6 + Participants, please contact us using the form below with more details so we can give you a special volume rate for larger groups.


PHONE: (702) 706-4830

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