Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and Nashville, TN and founded by Navy SEALs, Noir Training provides world class firearms and tactical training to Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians.


Leveraging an array of skills and knowledge acquired while serving as special operators, we work with clients to tailor training programs that fit their unique needs to deliver superior results.


Whether you are an elite Special Operator or simply want to learn to protect your family, NOIR Training can help you achieve your training goals.   


NOIR Training owners Tim and Colton met while serving as SEAL Operators in the US Navy.  During their time in the SEAL Teams, they deployed to 3 continents and worked alongside and trained numerous foreign Special Operations Forces.


While serving they began to identify innovative ways to improve training methods as well as tactics.  They decided to leave the Navy and start a training company that would continue to innovate and build upon the lessons learned in the Teams and take training to a new level.  Out of this, NOIR Training was born.